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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the bedrock of lasting impact. Have a clear vision for your work? Let us help you operationalize it. Don’t know where to start? Let us help you build your vision. Need to figure out how to plan for and share your impact narrative? Let us help you craft your evaluation strategy.

What We Do


People are the heart of strong organizations. When we invest in them, we invest in our visions and missions. We offer a variety of workshops and trainings designed to meet the unique needs and interests of your team.



You have a gift for working with children and groups, finding fun participatory activities that bring people together in new and exciting ways....Teaching children and adults about such things helps break through the wall of systemic racism. I appreciate your honesty, courage, and dedication and feel both lucky and honored to have been a part of this process.
Donna Smith
Youth Librarian - Baldwin Public Library
As a facilitator, her presence is focused, relational and inspiring, embodying best practices of diversity, equity and inclusion. As a strategist, she has the keen ability to set big vision without loosing sight of detail. She is highly collaborative and consistently creates opportunities for the teams she leads to shine. Elizabeth is delightful to work with and I look forward to her continued success.
Jason Paulateer
Senior Vice President and CED Market Manager at Fifth Third Bank
Elizabeth is extremely methodical and thoughtful about her work. She is clear about her values and the mission of the work before her while always maintaining focus on equity and inclusion. Elizabeth has admirable and unwavering accountability and determination to see a task from beginning to completion.
Lohren Nzoma
Senior Executive Director of Exceptional Student Education, Detroit Public Schools Community School District
There are few leaders with as highly-specialized skill sets and experiences as Elizabeth Whittaker-Walker...This includes her qualities as an expert adult facilitator, a master of program design, and an outstanding strategist that can identify themes, analyze data, and mobilize a team to innovate anew.
Tiffany Worthy
Online Learning Associate, The Obama Foundation
Elizabeth's international travel, constant reading and spiritual groundedness help to give her a broad understanding of the world we live in, compassion and a vision of a more just and equitable future. She leads from her heart and her head!
Malik Yakini
Executive Director, Detroit Black Community Food Security Network
I have been constantly impressed and renewed by Elizabeth, her passion, and energy. In every Diversity, Equity and Inclusion event that she has been a part of, Liz has helped me to explore not just issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, but my own connection and responsibility to this important work.
Randolph Frazier Wiggins
Manager, Omidyar Network
Elizabeth is a natural born leader who is innovative in her techniques of leadership. She goes above and beyond the call of duty while considering the specific talents, strengths, and weaknesses of each... She has a natural ability to capitalize on their strengths for personal and professional growth while purposefully working to strengthen the weakness so each individual can grow accordingly.
Yvelette Stines
Journalist, Editor, and Author of Be Calm: 31 Mindful Affirmations and Reflections for Living a Peaceful Life
She is the single best facilitator that I know. Elizabeth is a master at helping leaders take their teams to the next level. Don't use Elizabeth if you are not serious about producing results.
Jamaal Nelson
Vice President, Regional Impact at Leadership for Educational Equity
I fell in love with the way she quickly, yet gently, challenged us to think about how our many intersecting identities show up and are challenged in our work. I have a few theories about why the day went so well, but the one that immediately comes to mind is the way Elizabeth modeled vulnerability as she lead us through the various introspective exercises of the day. I felt compelled to show up as my full self and I can confidently say the same for all of the other participants.
Juwon Harris
Health Philanthropy Fellow, The Kresge Foundation
Elizabeth is one of the most dedicated, thoughtful and intentional leaders I've had the privilege of working with. She seamlessly blends deep subject matter expertise with an approachable, authentic and compassionate nature that causes you to continue to reflect, days later, about an ``aha`` she provoked in you, or a change she inspired. Elizabeth has a passion for knowledge that is balanced with a drive to get big things accomplished and a personal commitment to serving and elevating others.
Katie Janowiak
Vice President, Communications & Impact - Catalyst of San Diego & Imperial Counties
She helped me prioritize and strategically focus on my life’s purpose and business goals. She has a wonderful nonjudgmental spirit which made it easy to be transparent with her. Elizabeth has an amazing skill for providing and suggesting material tailored to one’s needs. Each session was better than the last and much more than I could have ever expected. The way she gets you to utilize your own potential to push forward seems effortless.
Coaching Client
I cannot express how impactful Raymond-Whittaker has been on my professional development. My coach, provided insightful advice and guidance when I was trying to make a career shift. After I received a job offer, she also walked me through the negotiation process and roleplayed conversations with me. I felt inspired and more confident after each session.
Coaching Client
Elizabeth sat with me when I was stuck and, like a doula, loved me through the labor pains of the program design elements.
Yodit Mesfin Johnson
CEO, Nonprofit Enterprise at Work
Elizabeth is a thoughtful and caring colleague that brings a commitment to excellence, diversity, inclusion and equity in her work. I have enjoyed working with Elizabeth and would highly recommend her consultation services.
Paul Elam, PhD
Chief Strategy Officer - Michigan Public Health Institute

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